Dried Osmanthus Tea – Sulfur-Free with Fragrant Aroma


Whether it is pre-packaged food: No
Raw material and ingredients: Sweet-scented Osmanthus.
Net content(specification): 500(g)

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Gruel of millet flour and sugar

The millet paste is golden in color, it’s attractive and full of floral fragrance and mellow taste.

Guangxi’s beautiful mountains and rivers, unique geography and climate, have created the quality of Guangxi sweet-scented Osmanthus.

Osmanthus tea belongs to the flower tea category, its fragrance is rich and long-lasting, the soup color is green and bright. The tea is light and fragrant, with a long history, as early as the Tang and Song dynasties, the official concubine has used food taken internally to make people smell, in ancient times was called “fragrant body”. Osmanthus tea is golden yellow, giving people a warm feeling, taste fresh, sweet and mellow.

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