Ice-Crackled Longquan Celadon Gaiwan


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## The Ice Crack Longquan Celadon Gaiwan: Tea Tradition Refined

Since its inception in 1350, the Gaiwan – meaning “covered cup” – has been an indispensable tool for tea connoisseurs. This intricate porcelain vessel, comprising a saucer, bowl, and lid, embodies the essence of Chinese tea culture.

A Journey of Flavors

To experience the full aromatic complexity of your chosen tea, begin by placing loose leaves into the bowl. Fill with boiling water and drain promptly through the lid strainer. This initial “rinse” awakens the leaves and releases their vibrant bouquet. Then, pour fresh boiling water around the rim, allowing it to swirl and steep the leaves. Whether savored directly from the Gaiwan or decanted into cups, each sip will tantalize your taste buds.

Versatile and Convenient

The Gaiwan’s versatility extends to accommodating various tea types. Its compact 160 ml capacity and precise water temperature management ensure optimal brewing for any leaf variety. Additionally, it can serve as both a brewing vessel and a teapot, seamlessly transitioning from preparation to enjoyment.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Handcrafted from premium porcelain, the Ice Crack Longquan Celadon Gaiwan is a stunning masterpiece. Its delicate 9.8 cm width and graceful 8.2 cm height create an aesthetically pleasing form. The intricate “ice crack” glaze pattern, unique to Longquan celadon, adds an ethereal touch to its timeless design.

Indulge in the ancient art of tea making with the Ice Crack Longquan Celadon Gaiwan. Whether for personal use or as a cherished gift, this exquisite vessel will elevate your tea-drinking experience to extraordinary heights.


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