Chaozhou Dawuye Strong Fragrance Wuyan Phoenix Single Cluster Oolong Tea

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Shelf life: 1080 days
Food additives: pure natural
Tea species: Phoenix single cluster
Growth Season: Spring
Origin: China
Provinces: Guangdong Province
City: Chaozhou City
Grade: Level 1
Type: Fresh Fragrant
Taste: Mellow and Sweet

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Tea Garden

Chaozhou has abundant rainfall, numerous mountain streams and rivers, reasonable reservoir distribution, abundant water resources, diversified vegetation, beautiful mountains and rivers, high greening rate and forest coverage, strong green backing, effective soil and water conservation, which can conserve water, regulate climate and purify air. Therefore, in dry season, the mountain areas tea gardens generally do not need to be irrigated except the plain area tea garden, in which the water irrigation is needed in tea seedling stage.



Phoenix single cluster Tea is produced in Phoenix Town and named for Phoenix Mountain. It is said that in the late Southern Song Dynasty, Zhao Nan, King Wei of the Song Dynasty, fled through Wufu Mountain. His thirst was thirsty and intolerable. The mountain people offered red Yin tea soup, so his thirst was gone after drinking. He thereafter named it as “Song tea” and later known as “Song species”. There is also the legend of “the Phoenix bird hears and knows the thirst of the Song Emperor and gives tea with tea branches by mouth”, so it is also called “Bird’s mouth tea”. In the years of Tongzhi and Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (1875-1908), in order to improve the quality of tea, people adopted the methods of single-plant picking, single-plant tea-making and single-plant sales, separated and cultivated excellent individual plants, and named them as trees. At that time, more than 10,000 excellent ancient tea trees were collected by single plant method, so they were called Phoenix single cluster tea.

Tea characteristics

Phoenix single cluster tea is famous for its beautiful shape, green color, fragrance and sweet taste. Straight, plump and oily appearance characteristics; elegant and high natural flower aroma; rich, glycol, refreshing and sweet taste; orange and yellow clear and bright soup color; green pedicel, green belly and red edged leaf bottom and extremely resistant to brewing bottom, all these constitute the unique color, fragrance and taste characteristics of Phoenix single cluster tea. Apart from the above qualities, Phoenix single cluster tea also has its unique “mountain charm”. The so-called “mountain charm” mainly refers to the taste, which is a deeper expression. It can only be understood that this special “mountain charm” is the key to the quality of Phoenix single cluster tea and is different from other single-cluster tea. The reasons for this are three essential conditions: first, superior ecological conditions; second, good tea variety resources; third, exquisite picking technology.

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4 reviews for Chaozhou Dawuye Strong Fragrance Wuyan Phoenix Single Cluster Oolong Tea

  1. SJ

    I’ve had about ten cups of this tea so far and it’s delicious. Each little roll is one whole tea leaf so a little goes a long way. I use a scant teaspoon to make a two-cup mug of tea good strong tea. So far each mug has been perfect.

  2. Lana

    Very good smooth tasting tea. This will be a staple in my house regardless of price.

  3. Patricia Malloy

    Good quality tea

  4. Lloyd Jacob Frayne

    Please do your research on preparationIf so then it is very smooth and tastyits flavorful in a subtle way which is nice because it can be used more often and for more occasions.I tried some other oolongs that were not as goodI dont even like or drink black tea…. this tastes great

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