Japanese Bamboo Handle Sea Wave Tea Set


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Immerse yourself in the serene tranquility of the Japanese Bamboo Handle Sea Wave Tea Set. Crafted from pristine ceramics, this masterpiece captures the essence of Wabi-sabi, where imperfections are celebrated as a testament to time and artistry.

A Tapestry of Texture and Elegance

The frosted spray glaze adorns the surface of the set, creating an ethereal sea wave texture. Each surge and ripple echoes the indomitable spirit of the ocean amidst turbulent weather. The result is a symphony of simplicity and refinement, a timeless treasure that evokes a profound sense of balance and serenity.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

The teapot’s curved bamboo handle whispers of nature’s embrace, adding both strength and an organic touch to the design. The delicate porcelain feels silky smooth in the hand, while the subtle imperfections of the glaze paint a unique canvas for every piece. The darkened edges of the glaze add a touch of depth and mystery, enhancing the set’s overall beauty.

Preserving Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Japanese tea ceremony, rooted in the ancient customs of China, has evolved into a profoundly meaningful expression of Japanese culture. The Bamboo Handle Sea Wave Tea Set captures this essence, seamlessly blending tradition with modern elegance.

A Tea Ritual Refined

Indulge in the meditative art of tea drinking with this exquisite set. Whether savoring a steaming cup of green tea or a fragrant infusion, the set invites you to appreciate the present moment and celebrate the beauty of everyday rituals.

A Gift from the Land of the Rising Sun

Presented in a sophisticated presentation box, the Bamboo Handle Sea Wave Tea Set makes an exceptional gift for tea enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese aesthetics worldwide. Share the tranquility of this tea ritual and create lasting memories.


  • Tea Cups: 3 in total
  • Teapot: 1
  • Tea Cup Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 cm, 200 ml capacity
  • Teapot Dimensions: 8.5 x 10 cm, 700 ml capacity


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