Japanese Tree Travel Tea Set with Built-In Silver Infuser


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## Tree Travel Tea Set with Inner Silver

Embark on a journey of tea indulgence with the Tree Travel Tea Set, expertly crafted with a minimalist design and traditional elegance.

**Unrivaled Convenience and Simplicity**

This compact yet capable set empowers tea enthusiasts on the go or in bustling office environments. Its meticulous filter design ensures a residue-free infusion, while its effortless packability makes it a breeze to transport.

**Exceptional Portability**

The Tree Travel Tea Set is a testament to functionality, featuring no discernible difference from its larger counterparts. Its compact size allows for seamless packing in a backpack, providing the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, scenic excursions, and even in-vehicle tea making.


* 1 Teapot (160 ml / 5.41 oz)
* 2 Tea Cups (65 ml / 2.19 oz)
* 1 Travel Box

**Tea Cup:**
* Diameter: 6 cm (2.4″)
* Height: 4.5 cm (1.7″)

* Length: 12 cm (3.4″)
* Height: 8.5 cm (4.5″)

**Perfect Travel Partner**

For discerning tea lovers seeking an indispensable companion during their travels, the Tree Travel Tea Set with Inner Silver is an essential addition to their personal belongings. Its unparalleled portability, effortless maintenance, and timeless design make it the ideal choice for enriching every moment with the warmth and aroma of tea.


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