Large Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set Japanese Ru Kilns Single Teapot


Tea Plate or Not: No
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Others
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Process: Others
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Origin: Others

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The glaze of this series of Ru kilns is Holly, which is in the shape of fish scales and finely broken. The most important feature of the glaze is that the glaze layer is thorough, the glaze surface is warm and moist, and the jade feeling is strong. The opening pattern of Dongqing Ru kiln is basically formed after the completion of firing, and there are few new pieces in the later stage. Because of the ultra-high temperature firing, it takes more than half a year to develop the opening pattern.

Round bottle pot: 5.0cm in diameter, 10cm in height, 15cm in total length and 260ml in capacity
Xishi pot: diameter 4.8cm, height 8.5cm, capacity 200ml
Qingyue pot: diameter 5.2cm, height 9cm, total length 13cm, capacity 260ml

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