Enamel Ceramic Braised Flower Teapot with Sea Wave Golden Design – Perfect for Home Use


Material: Ceramics
Classification of ceramics: ceramics
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: enamel
Tea ceremony accessories: none
Origin: Dehua
Color: Teapot
Product Quality Grade: First Class

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Oriental Rhyme and Enamel Colors

With Van Gogh’s “Star Moon Night” as the creative inspiration and the design concept of “unceasing ambition, vigor and vitality”, the works are full of life and emotion.
Enamel color, an enamel decoration technique that transplants the technique of painting enamel to the porcelain body, is officially named as enamel of the porcelain body painting. The ancient Chinese called it as Ancient Moon Room, while the foreigner called it as Rose Color. Enamel color was originated in the late Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. It was made of enamel materials and became a precious imperial ceramics in one fell swoop.


The teapot is a spout utensil for making and pouring tea. It is a kind of tea set, mainly used for making tea. The teapot consists of four parts: the lid, the body, the bottom and the ring foot. The lid has holes, buttons, seats and covers.

Overall diameter 11.8 cm
Overall height 8.2 cm
Water capacity1 60ml

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Weight 0.8 kg


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