Lucky Fortune Cat Tea Pet


Material:duan ni yixing clay
Measures:7.3x6x7.8cm (2.9×2.4×3.1 in)

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Introducing the Lucky Cat Tea Pet, a symbol of prosperity and wealth in Chinese culture.

Catch the attention of your guests with this endearing feline friend.

As the legend goes, this little kitty holds the secret to financial success. Look at him, gazing contentedly at the gold coin and gold boat ingot in his paws, representing abundance and prosperity. Place him by your teapot, and watch as he casts a spell of fortune upon your tea sessions.

According to Chinese Feng Shui principles, this cat Tea Pet is the ultimate symbol of good luck and wealth. He’s ready to bring you years of prosperity and attract golden coins your way with his magnetic claws. Showcasing this adorable feline in your home or office invites wealth and prosperity.

With his blissful smile and treasure-filled paws, the Lucky Cat Tea Pet is the perfect companion to your tea rituals. Unleash his powers and watch as he summons success, prosperity, and a joyful spirit into your life.


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