2-Tone Nine-Tailed Fox Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


Material:yixing clay
Measures:8×3.4cm (3.2×1.3in)

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Nine-Tailed Fox Tea Pet: A Mystical Companion for Your Tea Sessions

Adorn your tea table with this captivating tea pet, an exquisite masterpiece inspired by the legendary nine-tailed fox.

Known for its enchanting lore and ethereal beauty, this tea pet embodies the allure and mystery of the mythical fox. Its base is handcrafted from superior yellow duan ni clay, while the mesmerizing tails are adorned with pigments derived from refined zhu ni clay.

Skilled artisans have devoted meticulous care to every intricate detail, paying homage to the fox’s graceful form. From its elegant posture to the lifelike hairs that flow like silk, this tea pet is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship.

As you pour your favorite tea over this enchanting companion, watch in awe as the liquid transforms the tea pet, bringing its essence to life. It will adorn your tea table with a captivating tale of mythical beauty and serve as a reminder of the transformative power of tea.

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