Japanese Porcelain Tea Set – Black and White Marbling Design

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Material: Porcelain
The category of porcelain: white porcelain
Specification: Teapot 1200ML
Origin: Chaozhou
Tea cup: 4
Tea pot: 1
Underframe of Acacia: 1

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Teapot: 17*17.8*12cm 1200ML
The lid of teapot: 10*2.3cm
Tea cup: 8*8*7.7cm 200ML
Underframe of Acacia: 35*18.5*1.5CM

A piece of art with soul, the designer will give it exquisite, enduring, artistic value, humanistic flavor and other values

The Japanese Black And White Porcelain Marbling Household Tea Set is a perfect choice for those who want to elevate their tea drinking experience and appreciate the beauty and artistry of traditional Japanese tea making. The tea set is crafted with delicate black and white porcelain, featuring a unique marbling design that evokes the elegance and simplicity of traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The set is designed to make your tea perfectly, with precise measurement and a smooth pour, and allows you to fully appreciate the subtle nuances of flavor and aroma.

The Japanese Black and White Porcelain Marbling Household Tea Set is designed to bring you the experience of drinking tea in the traditional Japanese way. This tea set includes everything you need to brew and serve tea, including a teapot, teacups, and tea tray. The simple and elegant design of the tea set is perfect for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and it’s also a great addition to your collection.

The unique marbling design of the tea set creates a beautiful contrast, making it visually appealing and aesthetic. The porcelain material is of high quality and durable, which means that the tea set is both practical and elegant. It will make a great addition to any home, and it’s perfect for entertaining guests.

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Weight 2 kg

Black, white

7 reviews for Japanese Porcelain Tea Set – Black and White Marbling Design

  1. susan edlich

    I am very pleased with this brand. Its the 2nd teapot I ordered. It looks great on my vintage table setting with mixed and matched china.

  2. Chuchu

    Lovely crisp designs!

  3. Chinacat

    This is really cute and holds a nice amount of tea for a couple of people. The insert can be used for loose leaves, but I just dropped the tea bags into it to make them easier to remove. There’s a lip inside the top that makes cleaning a little more of an effort but it’s still easy enough. The tea pours nicely, without drips. The light teal color is fun and retro.

  4. eRecabo

    This teapot is adorable! Big enough for a couple cuppas and pretty enough to keep on the countertop. Mine is the light teal. I bought it with a ginormous kettle and the combination has worked out well.

  5. Flannery Jones

    It makes three cup of tea 40 ounces so it’s great for my two cups of tea in the morning but my cups are mugs and hold about 14oz so it’s perfect. Sturdy pot if you have a tea drinker it’s perfect gift

  6. Peiyuan

    It’s heavy and the feel is good

  7. ENW

    Perfect size to make myself 2-3 cups and beautiful to look at and use.

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