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Mint Leaf – Mint Tea – Flower Tea – Fresh and Dry Mint Leaf Flower Tea



Ingredients: mint leaves
Storage methods: dry, low temperature, sealed, odor-proof
Shelf life: 540 days
Food additives: none
Tea species: mint leaves
Origin: China
Applicable Season: Winter, spring, summer and autumn

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The fragrance is pleasant and refreshing, the color is green and white, and the body is slender and stretching, which is very charming in the fragrance.


Rich aroma when smell, mellow taste, and fresh aroma


Pick in the morning, air-dry naturally, hand-picked and air-dried naturally.

Healthy Nutrition Goods

Healthy nourishment, no impurities, rich nutrition, healthy seasonal readiness

Made by Flowers, and given by nature

Grow up naturally, produce in fresh, we are only natural porters.

It is refreshing, cool and fragrant when brewing tea and drinking it. A cup of tea can be added mint leaves according to personal preferences, and it can be five or six pieces at min, and more than a dozen or twenty pieces at max. And it is best to taste good.

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