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Storage method: sealed, placed in a cool and dry place
Shelf life: 730 days
Origin: Mainland China
Province: Shandong Province
City: Linyi City

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Ping Yi County, Linyi County, Shandong Province is the origin and main producing area of Honeysuckle in China. Honeysuckle has a long history of cultivation and high quality. Its output accounts for more than one-second of the total output in China.

The climate is warm and the rainfall is plentiful

The annual precipitation is about 784.8mm, which meets the needs of normal growth and development of honeysuckle.

Hilly area, suitable slope

The plants are often planted in open and shaded areas below 600-1500 m of the slope.

Four distinct seasons, suitable temperature

The average temperature is between 14.7 and 20.1 C, which is very beneficial to the growth of honeysuckle.

The tea soup is clear, the smell is fragrant and the taste is sweet

Brewing with water, the tea soup is clear and free of impurities, which shows yellow green in color, sweet and refreshing, sweet and cool.

How to Select High Quality Honeysuckle
  • Look:Look if the appearance is neat without impurities, damages and moth, and if the color is green, white and natural.
  • Smell:High quality honeysuckle has strong aroma and natural taste.
  • Touch:Hold it lightly, you can feel it has a certain degree of hardness, and a sense of overhand when hold it.
  • Drink:Brew the tea leaves in water, the tea soup is clear, sweet and refreshing when drink, and the aroma is strong.
Brewing method
  1. Take appropriate amount of this product and place it in a cup.
  2. Inject appropriate amount and start to brew
  3. Drink in about 3-5 minutes and season with ice sugar and honey.

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