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Seedless Dried Hawthorn – Seedless Hawthorn Ring – Scented Tea Wholesale



Raw Material and Ingredients: Dried Hawthorn
Outer packaging: bulk packaging
Shelf life: 12 (months)
Storage method: cool and dry
Features: Green Food

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Hawthorn is Rose Section, Hawthorn genus and deciduous trees. Its height is up to 6 meters. They are distributed in Shandong and Hebei provinces. It is drupe fruit, with hard nucleus, thin pulp and slightly sour taste. Fruit can be eaten raw or used as preserved fruit cake.

Slice up

Select hawthorn with full and uniform size. Slice it up, and make it natural in color and luster

Tea soup

With a flush of boiling water, it can stretch fresh and delicate fragrance in water, which makes people relaxed and happy.


It has a light hawthorn aroma, sweet and sour taste and good taste.

Suitable for the group:
  • Ladies who love beauty
  • One who often work overtime
  • One who keep young but have a poor appetite
  • Middle-aged and elderly men staying up late and sub-healthy people
Brewing method
  • Take out the tea and pour it into the cup.
  • Inject 300ml-350ML hot water.
  • Drink in a few minutes after brewing.

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