Obscured Glass Easy Gaiwan: Opaque Style Tea Infuser and Travel Tea Maker (150ml/5oz)


Material:borosilicate glass
Content:150ml (5oz)
Measures:approx. 7.5×9.4 cm (3×3.7 in)
Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Microwave Safe:No

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Glass Tea Maker: A Blend of Beauty and Functionality

Experience the tranquil essence of the glass tea maker, an exquisite teaware exuding elegance and simplicity.

  • Enchanting Design: Immerse yourself in the visual allure of obscured glass, complemented by a mesmerizing artistic shape and gold-style accents.
  • Perfect Tea Ritual: Brew your favorite teas with ease, whether it’s aromatic green, invigorating black, or soothing herbal tea.
  • Practical Simplicity: Unlike traditional gaiwans, this innovatively designed tea maker eliminates the need for balancing the lid, making it beginner-friendly and easy to use.
  • Multifaceted Usage: Versatile teaware doubles as a tea pitcher, allowing you to share moments of tranquility with friends and family.
  • Exceptional Heat Retention: Brewed tea stays warm for an extended period, preserving the delicate flavors and aromas.
  • Robust and Durable: Thick glass construction ensures durability and longevity, along with excellent heat insulation.
  • Captivating Texture: Obscured glass imparts a uniquely textured surface, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Thoughtful Details: Gold-style finishing adorns the edges and leaf-shaped lid knob, adding an air of sophistication.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Each piece is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, resulting in slight variations that make every tea maker a true one-of-a-kind.

Elevate your tea drinking experience with this seamless blend of beauty and functionality. The exquisite glass tea maker is an ode to serenity, inspiring moments of mindfulness and tranquility.


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