Polychrome Peony Porcelain Enamel Teacup with Cover


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Exquisite Enamel Color Gaiwan: An Artistic Masterpiece

Immerse yourself in the vibrant artistry of our Enamel Color Gaiwan. This exceptional teaware transcends the boundaries of function, showcasing the exquisite beauty of enamel color decoration and the enduring craftsmanship of Chinese porcelain.

Adorned with diamond-shaped enamel colors, a central plum blossom motif adds a captivating accent. The lid adorns blooming peony flowers, presenting a symphony of nature’s finest. The bowl’s base echoes with delicate powder enamel color, creating a harmonious whole.

Enamel colors burst forth in vibrant hues, their patterns intricate and profound. The serene elegance of plum blossoms and the opulent beauty of peonies symbolize prosperity and grace. The lidded bowl’s design not only captures the eye but also enhances functionality, preventing spills and ensuring a convenient tea experience.

Our Enamel Color Gaiwan seamlessly marries the ancient art of painted enamel with the refined craftsmanship of porcelain-making. Its functionality as a teaware makes it an invaluable kitchen essential, while its artistic merit transforms it into a stunning decorative masterpiece. Whether adorning your tea room or living space, this Gaiwan instills a captivating artistic ambiance.

With its generous capacity of 200 ml, a length of 10.5 cm, and a height of 10.6 cm, this exquisite Enamel Color Gaiwan invites you to savor tea rituals or indulge in its breathtaking beauty. Its versatility as a personal treasure or a thoughtful gift ensures its allure for any discerning connoisseur.


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