Menghai Ancient Tree Pu Erh Tea – Old Tea Head 2010 – Gift Box 800G

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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Warranty period: more than 12 months
Date of production: 2015.12.28
Storage method: dry ventilation
Net Content (Specification): 800
Specialty: Yes.
Grade: Super Menghai Tea
Characteristics: pollution-free agricultural products
Category: Pu’er Tea Ripe Tea
Green Food: Yes

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In 2010-8, Chen Xiang, a good traditional tea with smooth silk, can be drawn.
The fermentation of ripe tea is also good in Menghai, and the water and environmental temperature in Menghai are suitable for Ottawa fermentation. Lincang fermented ripe tea will be acidic, Simao fermented ripe tea will have earthy smell. Water for Pu’er is like Maotai’s production in Maotai Town.
Temperature is mainly caused by the small diurnal temperature difference in Menghai, and the large diurnal temperature difference in other places.

This Xishuangbanna Menghai old tea head, 10 years old, no heap odor, no odor, are hand-picked, very clean, tea head size uniform!

The tea soup is rich and transparent, with pure aroma. The sweet aroma of rice barn is the main aroma. The entrance is sweet, thick and refreshing. After three steeps, the tea soup is thick and slippery. The soup is delicate, with a deep end rhyme and sweet fragrance between the mouth and teeth.
The bottom of the leaf is compact, brown and lustrous. The leaf is flexible and sweet.

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3 reviews for Menghai Ancient Tree Pu Erh Tea – Old Tea Head 2010 – Gift Box 800G

  1. NJK

    This is a lovely smooth pu-erh tea, not very high on caffeine content, very civilized. The tea cake is fun to work with (unlike the YouTube video makers, I detach only what I need every time). I like my first brew dark as coffee, so I used a good amount of tea and I brew it for five minutes, but that’s my personal taste.

  2. Derrick Williams

    my roommate let me try this tea…it was amazing! We were able to study all night it gave us energy without the “jitters”. Someone once said..”He who has no tea in him…has no understanding. On it for life!

  3. Ken Jinkerson

    this is very good tea

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