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Dashu Pu’er Tea Menghai Tea Manxiliang Spring Dashu Pu’er Tea 200g


Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Net Content (Specification): 200 (g)
Grade: Tree Tea
Features: None
Species: Pu’er Raw Tea

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Tea Garden

Manxiliang Natural Village belongs to the Da’an Village Committee of Mengsong Township and Lahu Nationality. It belongs to the mountainous area. It locates in the east of Mengsong Township, 4.00 kilometers away from the Village Committee and 12.00 kilometers away from the Township. Geographically speaking, Manxiliang belongs to the west of the Taozhu Liangzi Mountains and the south end (back to Nanben Laozhai). Manxiliang is the right place for urban residents to climb high, stay cool in summer, and travel and sightseeing, with no severe cold in winter and no oppressive heat in summer. The land area is 9.78 square kilometers, the altitude is 1,807.00 meters, the annual average temperature is 17.00 C, and the yearly precipitation is 1500.00 mm.

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