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Yunnan Pu’er tea wholesale 2015 Menghai ancient tree Pu’er tea cake 357g Daxueshan raw tea cake hotspot


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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Import or not: No
Pre-packaged food:Yes
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Warranty Period: More than 12 months (months)
Storage method: cool and dry
Net Content (Specification): 357 (g)
Number: 027
Level: 1

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Snow Mountain

The growth environment of Daxueshan Mountain is excellent, so the tea cake strips are elegant, the budding front is distinct, the taste is mellow. Meanwhile, the throat rhyme is long, and the material richness can effectively display from the soup color. Fertile soil, suitable temperature. Between spring and summer, clouds gathered in the deep valley, the fog around the tea mountain, for tea cultivation and planting provides unique natural conditions.


It makes of the traditional hand-made stone mill. Its cake shape is round and full, its elasticity is moderate, and its thickness is even, which is conducive to the later transformation of tea.


Stripe buds and leaves are plump and complete, dark green in color, pressed by a mouthful of material inside and outside, and the buds and leaves are prominent and scattered.
Gruel of millet flour and sugar
The soup is fragrant, and the tea soup is delicate and smooth. When you take the first sip, it melts in your mouth. The flavor and smell of Gan Shengjin are long lasting, keep your throat fresh. The tea soup tastes full and varied.

Leaf bottom

The bottom of the leaf is tender and fertile, fresh, fat, elastic, full of tenacity, bright veins.

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