Orange Lotus Porcelain Chinese Tea Set


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## **Exquisite Lotus Porcelain Tea Set: An Artistic Oasis for Tea Degustation**

Immerse yourself in an intoxicating symphony of art with our exceptional Chinese orange lotus porcelain tea set. Each exquisite piece is a masterpiece, painted with vibrant hues of green and orange, portraying the graceful dance of lotus flowers and leaves.

Symbolizing purity and nobility in traditional Chinese culture, the lotus adorns every element of this tea set, elevating your tea ceremony into a realm of tranquility and beauty.

The vivid lotus blooms seem to burst forth from the porcelain, their petals unfurling amidst an explosion of vitality. Lush green lotus leaves provide a harmonious canvas, creating depth and dimension within the design.

A touch of golden glaze adorns the cover button, adding an air of nobility to the ensemble and transforming it into a unique work of art.

Inspired by the lotus’s unwavering purity and elegance, this tea set exudes an aura that enhances the pleasure of every tea savoring. Whether you seek solitude or the company of loved ones, this tea set promises to elevate the tea ceremony into a transformative experience.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, practicality and comfort are meticulously considered. The teapot and teacups are ergonomically designed for effortless tea preparation and enjoyment. The sturdy gift box not only protects the tea set but also enhances its regal beauty, making it an exceptional keepsake or a treasured gift.

This lotus-inspired porcelain tea set harmoniously blends traditional artistry with modern design, offering an immersive tea ceremony experience. As you sip the delicate flavors of your chosen blend, the beauty of this tea set will intertwine with the aromas, creating a captivating sensorial journey.

Whether used for special occasions or daily tea rituals, this tea set will become a cherished possession, adding artistic flair and profound joy to your tea-infused world.

**Set Includes:**

– 1 Host Cup (120 ml)
– 8 Tea Cups (55 ml each)
– 1 Fair Cup (180 ml)
– 1 Gaiwan (210 ml)
– 1 Tea Strainer
– 1 Tea Pot (180 ml)
– 1 Gift Box


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