Rabbit Yixing Tea Set: Zhu Purple Clay Teapot and Cup (150ml)


Clay type:Zhu ni clay
Content:150ml (5oz) / 60ml (2oz)
Measures:10.6×6.3cm (4.2×2.5in)

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Indulge in a tranquil tea ceremony with this elegant Yixing tea set, crafted from the finest zhu ni clay. Exquisitely designed by master artisan Jiang Yun, this set comprises a petite teapot and a delicate cup (150ml and 60ml respectively), adorned with a captivating rabbit and cherry blossom artwork, meticulously hand-painted using various Yixing clay pastes.

The enchanting Xishi teapot showcases the exceptional artistry of its creator, featuring intricately detailed clay paintings. The beaded chain adorning the knob adds a touch of sophistication, making this set a breathtaking display of craftsmanship.

Presented in a stunning gift box with a certificate of authenticity, this tea set is an ideal choice for discerning tea aficionados or as an extravagant gift that is sure to impress.

Zhu ni clay, renowned for its dense, silky texture, reddish hue with a subtle orange glow, possesses a remarkable double porous structure, which enhances its breathability and elevates the tea-drinking experience.

The decorative knob, first introduced during the Qing dynasty, adds a touch of elegance and charm. The vibrant green and white beading, complemented by the metallic cherry blossom motif, beautifully harmonizes with the clay painting.

The rabbit, one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, symbolizes gentleness, resourcefulness, sensitivity, and harmonious family life. Its presence on this tea set adds an auspicious touch, making it a cherished gift or an exceptional addition to your teaware collection.


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