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Red Wedding Tea Set Wedding Teapot Teaware



Material: porcelain
Origin: Dehua County
Surface Technology: Overglaze Color
Tea Plate or Not: No
Support Customization: No
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: Qualified Product
Style: Chinese Style

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Teapot: capacity 300ml length: 16.5cm height: 10.7cm
Tea cup: capacity: 60ml, length: 5.7cm, height: 5cm
Round tray: diameter: 30cm, height: 2.5cm
Tea towel: length: 25cm, width: 23cm
Tea clip: length: 18cm

* China Red
In China, red symbolizes auspiciousness. Of course, marriage is also a happy and auspicious day. The bride’s red wedding dress represents the symbol of wealth, wealth and auspiciousness. In the future, it will be glowing and brilliant.

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