Sterling Silver-Lined Enamel Porcelain Tea Set


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Enamel Porcelain Tea Set with Inner Sterling Silver: An Exquisite Gem for Tea Connoisseurs

Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of tea with this captivating Enamel Porcelain Tea Set. Crafted from the renowned ceramics of Jingde Town, the renowned birthplace of pottery, this set exudes tradition and elegance.

Fired at high temperatures, the dense ceramic barrier ensures both watertightness and durability. With its flawless craftsmanship, the Enamel Porcelain Tea Set is not merely a tool for brewing; it’s a timeless work of art.

Beyond its visual allure, the inner lining of sterling silver adds a mystical touch. As you pour, silver ions released from the silver purify the water, ensuring a pristine and revitalizing tea experience.

This tea set is a testament to centuries-old tea ceremonies, prized for its aesthetic beauty and practical value. Its elegant form, from the delicate teacups to the ornate teapot, seamlessly marries practicality with cultural significance.

With each sip from this Enamel Porcelain Tea Set, you embark on a journey of tranquility and sensory delight. Its subtle aroma, tantalizing sweetness, and ever-changing hues engage your senses.

Indulge in the enriching ritual of tea with this exceptional set. Whether solo or shared, each moment spent in its presence is an invitation to cultivate introspection and embrace the serenity of the present moment.

Crafted with meticulous care, the Enamel Porcelain Tea Set With Inner Sterling Silver is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. Its inclusions include:

  • 6 Tea Cups
  • 6 Tea Cup Saucers
  • 1 Fair Cup
  • 1 Teapot
  • 1 Teapot Saucer
  • 1 Tea Strainer
  • 1 Gift Box


  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Teapot Capacity: 250 ml (8.45 oz), Length 14 cm (5.5 inches), Height 9 cm (3.5 inches)
  • Fair Cup Capacity: 200 ml (6.8 oz), Length 8 cm (3.1 inches), Height 7 cm (2.8 inches)
  • Tea Cup Capacity: 75 ml (2.5 oz), Diameter 6.5 cm (2.6 inches), Height 4.5 cm (1.8 inches)
  • Tea Strainer Dimensions: Diameter 8.5 cm (3.3 inches), Height 7.5 cm (3.9 inches)

Treat yourself or gift this exquisite Enamel Porcelain Tea Set to a loved one. Let it adorn your shelf, desk, or coffee table, adding a touch of timeless beauty to your surroundings.


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