Anhui Mingqian Luan Guapian Green Tea – Wholesale in Bulk

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Origin: Anhui
Seller-to-Seller: Bulk
Raw Material and Ingredients: Fresh Leaves of Alpine Big-Leaf Tea Plants
Net: 95 (%)
Date of production: Recent storage method: refrigeration

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Tea characteristics

The shape of Luan melon slices is melon seed-like, naturally flat, with slightly warped leaf margins, precious green color, uniform size, no bud tip, tea stalk, refreshing fragrance, fresh and mellow taste, clear and transparent soup color, tender and bright bottom of leaves.

Luan Guapian Tea

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

9 reviews for Anhui Mingqian Luan Guapian Green Tea – Wholesale in Bulk

  1. happy gardener

    we do find this product nice, and a good green tea [no sticks, dirt, etc.] Would recommend this vendor to others

  2. Vadim Pe

    The whole color of dried tea is green and very good-looking. It’s nice to smell the strong fragrance of tea when you open the package. After soaking, you can smell the fragrance of tea immediately. I like to drink this group of tea leaves with a refreshing taste. After drinking, there is a faint fragrance of tea in my mouth. It is very delicious and delicious, and the performance-to-price ratio is really high.

  3. Nick Sitchon

    The tea is very good. I soaked a cup of strong fragrance to the nostrils, and the taste is very smooth. I will buy it after drinking it.

  4. wu

    good quality

  5. linjia

    I drink all kind of Chinese teas for many years. I used to bring teas back to USA from China , but I can’t do that because the COVID-19, so when I finished my tea I tried to find some online and I find the brand , this has been a good brand in China from many years, and it is just as good as before. Like it . Remember use a small spoon for a small teapot and use 95C hot water, let brew 30 seconds and pour to your cups to enjoy. Never let the hot water brew the tea long time.

  6. Chan Xu

    a nice one I love it and will get it again! thx!

  7. Rithesh

    The product has an amazing flavor and extremely fresh. Well exceeded my expectation. I think Biluochun is my favorite green tea now. Highly recommended.

  8. Sharon1928

    This is fabulous tea leaves for hot tea. Never before have I bought a tea that was smooth and flavorful, yet not bitter. I had not had hot tea for years before I could not deal with the bitterness. But now I am a hot tea drinker once again! Love this! I highly recommend this tea for all you “picky” hot tea drinkers! Fabulous!

  9. Fan Wang

    It is decent green tea. refresh tea this year.

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