Stone Dipper Yixing Teapot, Duan Ni Clay 120ml for Gong Fu Tea Ceremony


Clay type:Duan ni clay
Content:120ml (4oz)
Measures:11.3×5.5cm (4.4×2.2in)

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Stone-Dipper Yixing Teapot – A Timeless Design Infused with Tradition

Step into the world of ancient Chinese artistry with this exquisite Stone-Dipper Yixing Teapot, a remarkable fusion of classic aesthetics and modern refinement.

A Masterpiece Crafted by Hand

With a reputation for excellence, renowned Yixing artist Li Xiaolu handcrafts this captivating teapot from Duan Ni clay, extracted from the renowned Yellow Dragon Mountain. Through careful selection and intricate sculpting, each pot undergoes a rigorous process of creation.

A Design Rooted in History

Inspired by the well-known Shipiao style, the teapots possess a timeless beauty characterized by clean and robust lines, and a triangular body. The result is a masterful display of traditional craftsmanship, marrying form and function effortlessly.

Attributes That Inspire

  • Shi Piao (stone-dipper) form, a timeless design entrenched in Chinese culture.
  • Three equidistant feet, resembling an equilateral triangle, providing stability and enhancing elegance.
  • Golden Duan Ni clay, prized for its rarity and ability to enhance the taste and aroma of tea.

Unveiling the Essence of Golden Duan Ni

This unique clay, sourced from the heart of Yixing, undergoes a transformation after firing, evolving from its original, nearly white state into a captivating earthy yellow hue. Its distinctive characteristic lies in its high iron content, which allows it to attain a striking golden yellow coloration.

A True Tea Connoisseur’s Delight

Golden Duan Ni’s versatility extends to a wide range of teas, unveiling their aromatic nuances and intensifying their flavors. With regular use, this teapot undergoes a transformative journey, developing a lustrous jade-like sheen that bespeaks its heritage and craftsmanship.

A Work of Art Sealed in Authenticity

Li Xiaolu’s artistic signature adorns the inside of the lid, the handle, and the base of this exquisite teapot, attesting to its creation by a true master. Accompanying each teapot is a certificate of authenticity, a testament to its exceptional lineage.

Awaken Your Senses With This Stone-dipper Yixing Teapot

Embrace the timeless essence of Chinese artistry with this handmade Stone-Dipper Yixing Teapot, a fusion of tradition and modern artistry. Its beauty, versatility, and authenticity will elevate your tea-drinking experience to an art form.

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