Lipid White Ceramic Girder Song Kiln Household Small Teapot


Color: Lipid-white Bridge Pot
Tea tray: No
Material: Ceramics
Surface technology: color glaze

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The elegant and gentle temperament of this teapot makes it the protagonist of the tea feast. It is not only the focus of attention but also not flashy and dazzling. The glaze is warm and delicate, the shape curve is smooth, the capacity of 220 mL is moderate, and the feeling of hand-hold is comfortable.

Porcelain is delicate, the lines are bright and smooth, the modelling is dignified and plain, the color is pure, the glaze is lustrous, the color is clear and pleasant, not delicate and artificial.

Small beam-lifting pots usually choose copper handles as their matching. The beam-lifting pot is unique itself, and its combination is fine, elegant, comfortable and not hot.

The spout is small and straight, the water flow is smooth and non-stop, and the water cut off is clean and neat.

Width: 11cm
Height: 14cm
Water capacity of the jug is about 220ml

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