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Tea Ware Set – Manufacturer 7 Flat Cup Tea Ware Set – Double Cup Kung Fu Tea Ware Set – Teapot Gift Tea Ware



Product Category: Tea Ware Set
Import or not: No
Material: Ceramics
Classification of Ceramics: Blue and White Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Packaging: gift box
Surface technology: blue and white
Collocated with tea tray or not: No
Packing Number: 20
Tea ceremony accessories: none
Boiling Water Function: No
Product Quality Grade: First Class

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The teapot consists of four parts: the lid, the body, the bottom and the ring foot. The lid has holes, buttons, seats and covers. The pot body has mouth, extension (lip wall) mouth, flow, abdomen, shoulder, handle (handle, pull) and other parts.

Tea cup

Tea cup is a utensil for holding tea. Water is poured into the tea cup from the teapot, and then offered for the guests to taste. It is used to taste tea and appreciate the color of the tea soup. Tea can be drunk at home with casual feeling. It is easy to appreciate on the internet, and the large-capacity tea cups are easier to buy. Tea cups are placed everywhere, ease and beautiful, and self-satisfied.

Blue and White Porcelain Tea ware

The color of blue and white are verdant and beautiful, the body is firm, delicate and soft, the glaze color is moist and even, showing a different texture feeling and brightness from ordinary porcelain, and exuding noble temperament all over!

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Weight0.5 kg

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