Yixing Zisha Dragon and Arowana Teapot


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Indulge in the Exquisite Art of Tea with the Yixing Purple Clay Dragon Fish Teapot

Crafted from authentic Yixing raw ore Purple clay, this teapot is a testament to the time-honored craftsmanship of Jiangsu Province. Its fine texture, rich purple-brown hue, and high iron content belie its exceptional quality.

The naturally flowing spout ensures a smooth pour, while the dragon tail handle adds an elegant touch. The spiral stripes that adorn the body create a visually appealing and tactile experience.

True tea connoisseurs will attest to the transformative properties of Yixing Purple Clay. Its unique adsorption capacity absorbs tea aromas, enhancing the flavor and aroma of your favorite brews. With time, your teapot develops a distinctive patina, becoming more lustrous and vibrant with each use.

Exceptional Features that Set it Apart:

  • Unique Adsorption: Enhances tea aroma and avoids flavor mixing.
  • Increased Vibrancy: Becomes more beautiful and mild with use.
  • Temperature Stability: Resists both hot and cold temperatures.


  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Gift Box


  • Length: 16 cm (6.3″)
  • Width: 11 cm (4.3″)
  • Height: 9 cm (3.5″)
  • Capacity: 400 ml (13.7 oz)

Crafted by Renowned Artisan Dai Chenguang, this Yixing Purple Clay Dragon Fish Teapot is an indispensable item for discerning tea enthusiasts, combining tradition and artistry in one exceptional vessel.


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