Yixing Tea Set with Teapot, Pitcher & 2 Cups in Gift Box, Dou Qing Clay


Clay type:Lu ni clay
Content:Approx. 210 ml (8.8 oz)
Measures:Approx. 12.7×6.3×5.8 cm (5×2.5×2.3 in)

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Dou Qing Yixing Tea Set: A Fusion of Art and Tea Drinking Culture

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of tea brewing with our exquisite Dou Qing Yixing Tea Set, meticulously crafted by renowned artist Pan Ye. This complete teaware set includes a Xi Shi teapot (210 ml), a graceful pitcher, and two elegant tea cups, creating an ambiance of serenity and sophistication for your tea gatherings.

Handcrafted Excellence:

  • Each piece of this tea set is meticulously handcrafted from 100% pure Dou Qing clay, selected for its unique properties and ability to enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite tea.

Certified Authenticity:

  • The Dou Qing Yixing Tea Set comes with a certificate of authenticity, assuring the quality and craftsmanship bestowed upon each piece by Master Pan Ye himself.

Elevating the Tea Experience:

  • With its outstanding heat retention capabilities, this tea set allows your tea to maintain its ideal temperature for optimal flavor and aroma, enhancing your overall tea drinking experience.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

  • The Dou Qing Yixing Tea Set exhibits exceptional durability, ensuring years of cherished tea ceremonies. Its resistance to heat and wear makes it a reliable companion for your daily tea rituals.

A Timeless Investment:

  • As a limited edition masterpiece, the Dou Qing Yixing Tea Set holds both aesthetic and monetary value. Own a piece of art that transcends time and becomes a cherished heirloom to pass down through generations.

Secure Your Tea Legacy:

  • Limited quantities available! Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional tea set. Once sold out, it will not be restocked, making it a rare and coveted collectible.

Embrace the Art of Tea with the Dou Qing Yixing Tea Set:

  • Experience the tranquility and refinement that accompanies every sip from this magnificent tea set, allowing you to immerse yourself in the true essence of tea culture.

Complement Your Tea Ceremony with Accessories:

  • Enhance your tea drinking experience further with our carefully curated selection of tea trays, tea tools, and tea storage containers, designed to elevate your tea ceremony and create moments of pure serenity.


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