Yixing Purple Sand Tea Pot – Handmade Mud Tea Ware Set


Tea tray: No
Material: Purple Sand
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: hand-painted
Tea ceremony accessories: Yes

Origin: Yixing

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Dimension: 16 x wide 9 x high 6.5 cm

Characteristics and efficacy of purple sand

Purple sand mineral soil is mainly composed of quartz clay hydromica and hematite. More and more people prefer purple sand tea products because purple sand contains minerals needed by the human body and has the effect of health preservation and health care if drinking it for a long time.

The characteristics of purple sand:

Firstly, it does neither rub tea fragrance nor produce cooked soup gas, so it can be used to brew tea. And the tea brewed in it can be excellent both in color and fragrance.
Secondly, sandy teapots can absorb tea juice, and can accumulate “tea rust” after using a period of time, and the tea original taste will be unchanged if brew tea again after then.
Fourthly, it has strong adaptability to rapid change of temperature, and does not burst due to rapid change of temperature; moreover, the heat transfer of sand is slow, so it does not hurt hands no matter how it is carried, stroked, handled or held.
Fifthly, purple sand ceramics are fireproof, and tea pots are not easy to burst when placed in warm fire in winter.

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