Pu-erh Tea Cake – Yunnan Brown Mountain Old Arbor Tea

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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Pre-packaged food:Yes
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Warranty Period: More than 12 months (months)
Storage method: dry ventilation
Net Content (Specification): 357 (g)
Level: Level 3
Features: None
Species: Pu’er Tea Raw Tea

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Tea Garden

Old Maner Village locates in the famous core production area of Menghai Bronggu Tea Mountain, Dabanzhang Tea District. Its elevation is slightly lower than that of the old Banzhang Tea District. Its average height is about 1650 meters. It is only about 5 kilometers away from the new Banzhang and less than 10 kilometers away from the old Banzhang. Its ecological environment and climate are very similar at elevation.

Tea characteristics

Tea is bitter, has a long lasting sweet effect. Its tea soup is in a bright color, with a soft leaf bottom and symmetrical. You would taste it with a slight honey flavor. The fragrance is pure and robust, smooth, and full of flavor.


Additional information

Weight 0.357 kg

3 reviews for Pu-erh Tea Cake – Yunnan Brown Mountain Old Arbor Tea

  1. Kay

    Awesome tea. It took me a few tries to get it to the strength I like. This is very persona, which makes it nice and a great gift idea for the tea lover.

  2. Coro

    I felt a more level, not up and down jittery, kind of energy drinking this tea instead of coffee. Energy lasted longer too. Great way to start your day.Highly recommend! I was surprised as I was new to this tea, but love it and will keep on buying from this company!

  3. Andrei-Di

    Excellent Quality, smooth and tender with very good price.

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