Yunnan Menghai Ancient Tree Cooked Pu-er Tea – 357g

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Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Storage method: Dry, ventilated, non-odor storage
Net Content (Specification): 357 (g)
Level: Super Level
Features: None
Species: Yunnan Pu’er cooked tea

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Tea characteristics

Icelandic Pu’er Tea refers to the finished product of a series of techniques, such as air spreading, green killing, rolling, sun drying, autoclaving and drying, which are selected from the old and new leaves of Yunnan large-leaved trees in Icelandic villages.

Icelandic tea aroma is very gentle, accompanied by the tea soup, holding for a long time without publicity. About the flavor of Icelandic tea, because of the difference in the smell of each person, or the uncertainty in the production process, the overall feeling is mainly flower-fruit flavor, like ice-sugar orange.
Icelandic Ancient Tree

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3 reviews for Yunnan Menghai Ancient Tree Cooked Pu-er Tea – 357g

  1. Eddie allen

    I have been drinking Pu-erh tea for years and this is the smoothest I’ve had. It brews very dark and has a silky, wonderful flavor. I will definitely buy again.

  2. Misty Jennings

    Amazing tea

  3. David Lorand

    This is a very interesting puerh tea, and a good value for the money. I brewed about 10g at a time and got something like 10鈥?5 interesting cups out of it. The later brews become very mellow and light, while the earlier ones are richer. Very satisfying.

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