Brown Hill Yunnan Pu Er Tea 2018 | High Quality 357g Pu Erh Tea

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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Is it a pre-packaged food: Yes
Origin: Yunnan
Storage method: dry and ventilated
Net Content (Specification): 357 (g)

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Tea characteristics

Selected from the tea of the period of first spring in Brown Hill in 2018, picked and manufactured manually, and manually pressed with graphite by traditional technology. The shape of the tea cakes is round and beautiful, moderate in tightness loose and strong in stripes, which is convenient for later collection and transformation.
The bottom of the leaf is fresh, big and not miscellaneous.
Fresh fragrance, good sweetness, obvious aftertaste sweetness. The tea soup is yellow-green and bright, suitable for drinking after storage for a period of time, and at then, the taste will be better.



Additional information

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3 reviews for Brown Hill Yunnan Pu Er Tea 2018 | High Quality 357g Pu Erh Tea

  1. Cee Dee

    This is a very good, entry level, ripe pu’erh cake at a very decent price! Although I’ve been drinking and loving tea for decades, I’m essentially new to pu’erh teas, but this stands out so much among the ones I’ve tried so far, that even though I know I have more to try, I bought another cake. There is absolutely no hint of mustiness. The initial impression has punch, somewhat similar to a good coffee, but with more subtlety, and with smokiness, a strong hint of mushrooms, something reminiscent of walking in a forest the day after it has rained, and an aftertaste of honey. Subsequent steepings gradually lose the bracing effect, but become increasingly calming and centring, with a mild taste which still has the sweetness of honey.

  2. Kenny

    Reliable every day tea, smooth, not offensive, but lacks aroma that defines good quality Pu-er. The price is reasonable but not cheap.

  3. A Customer

    Not bad

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