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Pu’er Tea Raw Tea 2012 Mengsong Naka Ancient Tree Tea Touchun Tea Five to Ten Years


Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Warranty period: more than 12 months
Date of production: March 18, 2012
Storage method: room temperature
Net Content (Specification): 357
Outer packing: conventional cotton paper packaging
Internal packaging: conventional cotton paper packaging
Level: Level 1
Taste of Nakagu Tree Tea

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The fragrance is elegant and elegant, with floral fragrance, strong mountain and wild atmosphere, bright soup color, mellow taste, full soup with sweet, strong aftertaste, fragrance at the bottom of the cup!

Guests who like Gao Xiang and Tang Hou Run recommend it!

It has distinctive characteristics, strong aroma and distinct personality. Naka and Slippery Bamboo Liangzi belong to Mengsong Tea District. Naka has a slightly heavier bitter bottom than Slippery Bamboo Liangzi.

Tea cake is two-way target pressing by stone mill (twice as tight as that by ordinary stone mill). Tea cake will be pressed tightly, and the strips won’t be very beautiful. But more than 30 years of tea-making experience tells us that it still needs to be pressed tightly for long-term storage (please refer to the old tea which has a good taste). No matter the aroma, the aroma and the thickness of tea soup will be good after storage.

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