• by vinux

When it comes to the weight of a Purple Sand teapot, opinions from collectors vary. Some believe that the heavier the weight, the more cost-effective it is due to the high value of Purple Sand; some think that a lighter pot indicates that its air pores are intact and not blocked up; or they feel that a light pot represents thinner walls, suggesting relatively better craftsmanship than a heavier one.

Let’s discuss today whether a purple clay teapot is better when it is light or heavy?

First of all, pot friends need to know that purple sand pots are formed by firing clay pieces. So the weight is determined by the thickness of the mud strips and clay pieces. Generally, the thickness of mud strips is about 2 to 3 millimeters.

Smack the mud flat.

If the material is too thick, the teapot made from it would be quite heavy, which makes it inconvenient to pour the tea with only one hand when it is full.

Pouring tea with one hand

Using only one hand, pour the desired amount of tea into a cup or teapot.

Thick pieces of clay are mostly due to poor control in pounding the clay or flaws and cracks appearing during the making process. These are mistakes made by novice pottery makers, and it is generally easier to make heavy pieces when apprentices practice.

Therefore, it is possible that the mud slab is thinner, which makes the kettle body lighter.

Thin tire and thick tire

The thick-walled teapot conforms to the ancient and elegant texture of purple sand teapot, which has enough strength to resist unpredictable external force damage and ensure “long life”. The price of thin-walled teapot is relatively high, because it has good air permeability, difficult to burn and difficult to work. What is tested is the potter’s skill in making pottery. Thick-walled teapot and thin-walled teapot have their own characteristics and advantages, which depend on personal preferences.

As a practical vessel, zisha should consider its practicality even if it is thin. It is meaningless to make it “thin” only for the sake of being “thin”. A thin teapot that people are afraid to handle and drink tea from has no value. Zisha teapot must not lose its usability, otherwise the craftsmanship will lose much of its brilliance.

Purple sand requires frequent use.

Thin body molding will have an effect, after all thin body molding has a disadvantage when it comes to the performance of the body, causing the body to be thin and lack tension. Therefore, many purple sand masters initially used thin molds and gradually returned to normal molds, not because their skill level decreased but because technique and art must be balanced.

In short, it is not good if the purple sand pot is too heavy. A lighter pot would be better, but don’t make it too light (thin-walled). Be careful when using it and try to avoid damaging it.