• by vinux

Many friends when purchasing a purple sand work, the size and capacity of the pot are very important factors in the reference standard.

When determining the capacity of a purple sand pot, generally speaking, not counting extreme works, it is usually divided into 5 categories:

Those with a capacity of 130cc or less are referred to as a “special small pot”.

Between 130cc and 200cc can be referred to as small products.

Engligh: Motorcycles with a displacement of between 200cc and 350cc can be referred to as mid-grade.

Between 350cc and 600cc can be called a large product.

For motorcycles with an engine displacement of 600cc or more, they can be considered as “super-sized” models.

From the perspective of the maker:

The size of a pot mainly depends on the type of pot and whether the clay material is suitable. Each piece of work will have the most appropriate capacity and clay material to combine. Some types of pots are suitable for small pieces, some are suitable for medium and large pieces. Some types of pots show exquisite grace, such as Xishi pot, no one can make it as large as 600 ml. And there are Han Yun Pot, Ti Wall Pot which show momentum and charm, no one can make it as small as 200ml. There are also some types of vessels which can be made big to be majestic and small to be delicate, such as stone gourd pot. But making big or small is definitely not proportional enlargement or reduction. At the same time of change, many details need to be changed in order to achieve the desired effect.

From the perspective of a potter:
1. Decide on a design for the pottery.
2. Choose the clay that best suits the design.
3. Start molding and shaping the clay with hand tools and a potter’s wheel.
4. Allow the clay to dry before firing it in a kiln at high temperatures to create a hard, durable pottery piece.
5. Glaze and decorate the finished product as desired.

Tea varieties from different geographical locations are different, and many friends will choose the most suitable pot capacity according to the characteristics of different teas.

Some friends love large pots, others prefer small things. When drinking tea, see which capacity is most suitable, don’t let the tea not be finished in time and get cold; not even a few sips are finished. Therefore, our usual drinking tea habits should also be an important factor to consider when choosing a specific capacity for many tea friends.

Price is also a factor for jugglers to consider. Generally, for the same model and same clay, larger capacity ones are usually priced higher as they require more time and effort to make and use more clay. This does not apply to different models with the same clay.

Most pot friends still prefer one-handed pots, which fit comfortably in one hand. It’s easy to hold and play with, and the tea soup it makes is just right, neither too much nor too little.