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1. Begin by heating some water in a pot over the stove.
2. Once the water begins to boil, turn off the heat and let it cool for 1-2 minutes.
3. Put approximately 2-3 teaspoons of loose tea into your teacup.
4. Carefully pour the boiled water over the tea leaves and allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes.
5. Remove the tea leaves or filter them out with a strainer before drinking your cup of tea!
The cover bowl, also known as the “Three Talents Cup”, implies the meaning of heaven, earth and people, and is a tea set often used to make tea in life. Cover bowl brewing tea is easy to learn and does not absorb the taste of tea leaves or easily spoil them. There are many advantages to brewing tea. So how do you use a cover bowl to brew tea correctly?

How to properly use a teacup to steep tea?

Take tea and wake up tea: Before brewing the Pu’er tea to be brewed, take it off from the tea cake and let the tea and air contact properly. If it is loose tea, it can be taken out from the box, and placed for about half an hour.

2. Warming cup cleaning: Pour boiling water into the white porcelain bowl and then into the public cup before pouring it sequentially from the public cup into the tea tasting cup. Finally, use a tea clip to pour the water from the tea tasting cup into the teapot, and thus warming cup cleaning is finished.

3. Throwing Tea: Generally speaking, 5-7 grams of tea is appropriate for covering the bowl. The amount of tea thrown can be determined according to the taste of drinking and the size of the drinking container.

Brew the tea soup: Still keep it low temperature while boiling, usually it takes 10 seconds to brew the first three batches of tea. Starting from the sixth batch, increase steeping time to 40 seconds or so according to your own taste and preference.

Divide the cups and drink: When prying tea from tea cakes, it is inevitable that there will be broken tea. Therefore, pour the tea soup in the cover bowl into a fair cup and use the tea strainer to filter out the tea residue.

The technique of using a lid to steep tea.

Three-finger technique: This method involves placing three fingers of one hand together and sliding them along the strings of a musical instrument such as a guitar in order to produce notes. It is commonly used by musicians to simulate chords or create percussive sounds.

Three fingers hold the lid of the bowl, temporarily referred to as the three-finger method. The three-finger method is elegant and is the most common way of holding a lid. It is also a common technique used by many women. Tilting the lid slightly will allow water to flow out and gas to escape. After pouring boiling water into the bowl, put your middle finger and thumb at the edge of the bowl, and place your index finger on top of the lid. The three fingers form a line connecting with points on the bowl, with the center of gravity on that line.

Pick up the lid of the bowl with your thumb and index finger, press down lightly with your middle finger to prevent it from slipping, adjust your middle finger strength to control the center of gravity of the lid in front 1/3 of the bowl, so that the water flow can remain stable and you won’t be scalded. When pouring out the soup, adjust an appropriate opening size for the lid. Put your middle finger on the knob of the lid, grasp both sides of the bowl with your thumb and index finger, bend your ring finger and little finger and place them beside your index finger without touching the lid. Hold up vertically then you can pour out soup.

In addition, keep your thumb naturally bent when pouring tea. Pay attention that the ring finger and little finger should not be lifted up like lotus fingers, which looks flirtatious and is a big taboo of tea ceremony. It is impolite to stick up finger towards guests.

Grab-the-Bowl Method

Not many people use the grab bowl method, mainly because it is quite hot to hold the entire bowl in one hand. In some parts of Chaoshan in Guangdong, more people use this method. In tea art performances, more males use this grab bowl method. The key point of this grabbing method is to adjust the opening size of the lid first, press the lid button with the thumb, and stick the ring foot on the bottom of the lid bowl with other fingers. Then grab the lid bowl with one hand, facing towards yourself and keep the bottom of the bowl away from you. Then bring it vertically so that soup can come out. Grabbing bowls is convenient to operate and can be mastered by one hand. For those who are used to this method, it is really heroic and grand.

When using a lid to brew tea, be careful to avoid scalding. Therefore, choose an appropriate lid for brewing tea and pay attention to the amount of water added when brewing. Hold the lid correctly, so that it is not easy to burn your hands when brewing tea.