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First, fill the teapot with fresh water and place it on a stove. Heat up the water until it boils, then pour the hot water into a bowl or cups and leave for 1-2 minutes. After that, pour out the water in the bowl or cups and put your desired tealeaves into the pot filled with fresh water. Cover the pot and slowly bring the water to boil again. Once boiled, turn off heat and let it steep for 4-5 minutes until desired taste. Lastly, pour tea from the pot into cup or bowl for drinking.
Purple sand pot is a very convenient and practical tea-making utensil. The tea brewed from the purple sand pot has a mellow fragrance and can present the best state of the tea leaves. Many people like to use a purple sand pot to brew tea. So, how to brew tea with a purple sand pot? Let’s have a look at the method of brewing tea with a purple sand pot.

How to brew tea with a purple clay teapot?


Before making tea with a purple clay teapot, there is a preparation work to do– use hot water to scald the inside and outside of the pot. This can not only warm up the teapot, but also cleanse it and remove the mildew. The hot water can wake up the long-stored purple clay teapot and better serve for making tea.

Throw tea

Choose a fixed type of tea leaves, the quantity depending on the size of the teapot.

Wash the tea.

Pour hot water into the teapot, wait two or three seconds and then pour out the water. This is how to rinse the tea. The sudden introduction of hot water can help expand and revive the tea leaves.

Enjoy tea.

Pour hot water into the kettle, both the type of tea leaves and the size of the kettle will affect the temperature and amount of water. After brewing, you can serve and enjoy the tea.

Special reminder: When using a purple clay teapot to make tea, there are several key points to pay attention to:

Water: For brewing tea, it is best to choose water with fewer impurities. Mineral water is the best option. You can also add a filter to tap water so that it won’t cause scale buildup in the teapot and make the brewed tea more pure.

Water temperature: Different types of tea are suitable for different water temperatures. For big-leafed teas such as Tieguanyin and Oolong, it is best to first brew quickly with boiling water and then discard it before the formal brewing. All kinds of black teas and Pu’er tea are suitable for 80°C water. The capacity of the purple sand pot should be slightly larger, while a medium-sized pot is recommended.

Time: Drinking tea is not only for quenching thirst but also for its rich nutritional substances. If brewed improperly, these properties can be destroyed. Therefore, the brewing time becomes especially important. The duration of infusion of different varieties of tea in a purple clay pot is not fixed, and oolong tea usually takes five minutes. For Wu Long tea, there needs to be an infusing process which will produce the unique aroma after staying for a while.

After preparing tea with a purple clay teapot, how can it be maintained?

After using the purple sand pot, it must be kept dry inside the pot and not accumulate moisture.

2. Do not put it in a stuffy place, let alone for something precious. After use, wrap or seal it in a place with good air circulation.

It is best to put the lid of the pot aside after use and do not often seal the lid.

Do not keep the teapot filled with water constantly; it should only be filled when tea is to be brewed.

Do not put it close to places with a lot of oil or dust.

It is best to have several good purple sand teapots, and only use one of them when drinking a certain type of tea.

7、Different cups should be identified to avoid confusion.

Do not wash the purple clay teapot with detergent or any other chemical agents, otherwise it will scrub off the tea flavor and make the surface lack luster.

After each use, use a cloth to absorb the moisture on the outside of the teapot, then pour out two-thirds of the tea leaves in the pot, leaving about one-third, flush with boiling water a few times, keep the water that was flushed, and then clean all the tea leaves, pour the flushed water evenly on the teapot, and finally wipe dry gently with a cloth.

This concludes the introduction of how to make tea with a purple clay teapot. As you can see, the steps are quite simple. However, it is important to remember to clean and store the teapot properly after use. With proper maintenance, a purple clay teapot can get better with age.