Cast Iron Zen Buddha Design Teapot


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### Zen Buddha Cast Iron Teapot: Elevate Your Tea Experience
Inspired by ancient Chinese grotto Buddha statues, this exquisite Zen Buddha Cast Iron Teapot exudes tranquility and a spirit of renewal.

#### Superior Craftsmanship and Health Benefits
Crafted by skilled artisans in southern Japan, this teapot is made from pure cast iron, ensuring optimal heat retention to preserve the perfect brewing temperature of your tea. With prolonged use, it releases beneficial iron elements that replenish vital iron levels and combat anemia.

#### Captivating Design
The spout is a symphony of simplicity and elegance, delivering a smooth flow of water. The copper lid, adorned with silver floral embellishments, adds a touch of ethereal beauty. The teapot’s intricate, three-dimensional carved patterns and lifelike Buddha statue showcase exceptional artistic craftsmanship.

#### Heat-Resistant Handle and Enhanced Flavor
The circular handle provides excellent heat insulation, making it comfortable to grasp. Its ability to soften water enhances its flavor, bringing out the exquisite notes of your tea.

#### Specifications:
– Material: Cast Iron
– Dimensions: Length: 13 cm (5.11″), Diameter: 9 cm (3.54″), Height: 23 cm (4.72″)
– Weight: 1.7 kg
– Capacity: 1300 ml (43.96 oz)

Embrace the serenity and health-promoting benefits of the Zen Buddha Cast Iron Teapot. Let its enchanting design and superior craftsmanship elevate your tea experience to new heights.


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