Chinese Orange Tea and Travel Teaware Set


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## Chinese Orange Tea Set with Travel Set: Experience the Art of Tea Perfection

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of tea with the exquisite Chinese Orange Tea Set and Travel Set. Crafted from premium Fujian Dehua Shanghao clay, this masterpiece is a testament to traditional handcraft.

Its sleek form exudes elegance, while its vibrant orange glaze mimics the beauty of its namesake fruit. Fired at soaring temperatures, the tea set boasts exceptional strength and durability, ensuring it will endure countless tea ceremonies to come.

The thoughtfully designed spout pours effortlessly, preventing spills and making cleaning a breeze. The ingenious built-in filter effectively traps tea residues, enhancing the purity and flavor of your brew.

**Exceptional Design for a Superior Tea Experience**

* Length: Teapot 10.2 cm (4.01 in), Teacups 5.9 cm (2.32 in), Fair Cup 9.9 cm (3.89 in), Glass Fair Cup 8.4 cm (3.30 in)
* Capacity: Teapot 210 ml (7.10 oz), Teacups 30 ml (1.01 oz), Fair Cup 45 ml (1.52 oz), Glass Fair Cup 45 ml (1.52 oz)

**A Unique Combination of Practicality and Aesthetics**

This tea set transcends its function. It is a work of art that enhances any shelf or desk. Its harmonious blend of form and function has captivated tea enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the beauty of tradition and the joy of tea making at its finest.

**The Perfect Gift for Tea Aficionados**

Elevate the tea rituals of friends and family with the gift of the Chinese Orange Tea Set with Travel Set. Its stylish design and exceptional quality will be cherished for years to come.

**Benefits Beyond the Cup**

More than just a tea set, it is a tool for physical and mental well-being. As you savor the aroma and taste of your tea, stress melts away, and your mind finds clarity. Let this tea set amplify your tea experience, bringing joy and balance to your life.


* 9 elegant Teacups
* 1 exquisitely crafted Teapot
* 3 Tea Caddy for storing your finest blends
* 1 Fair Cup for convenient tea sharing
* 1 Glass Fair Cup for a touch of sophistication
* 1 Portable Bag for effortless travel


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