Chrysanthemum Yixing Clay Teapot


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Yixing Clay Chrysanthemum Teapot: An Exquisite Vessel for Tea Connoisseurs

Crafted from pristine purple clay using traditional techniques, the Yixing Clay Chrysanthemum Teapot embodies the epitome of artistry and functionality. This masterpiece, each hand-molded with precision, will transform with time into a treasure of jade-like patina.

The expertly designed lid, adorned with intricate buds, ensures a comfortable and effortless grip. Its gracefully arched spout, featuring a seven-hole inner strainer, guarantees a smooth flow of tea while preventing excess residue, elevating the purity of your brew.

The ear-shaped handle provides an ergonomic grip, while the polished base prevents table damage. Its enchanting petal design lends stability, eliminating any wobbling or movement.

Exceptional Characteristics of Purple Clay

  • Unparalleled Adsorption: The teapot’s exceptional ventilation enhances its adsorption qualities. With each use, it absorbs the essence of your tea, developing a captivating aroma that complements your infusions.
  • Temporal Enhancement: Unlike most utensils that age with use, the Yixing Clay Chrysanthemum Teapot becomes more radiant, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing over time.
  • Thermal Stability: Its porous nature and slow heat transfer rate make it resistant to extreme temperatures, allowing it to withstand direct stovetop exposure without cracking or splitting.

With a capacity of 220 ml and dimensions of 13.5 cm in length and 7.4 cm in height, this teapot embodies the perfect proportions for savoring your favorite teas. Crafted by a master artisan who has inherited generations of ceramic wisdom, the Yixing Clay Chrysanthemum Teapot stands as a testament to the confluence of art and functionality.


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