Handmade Cast Iron Tea Pot – Pumpkin-Shaped Creative Design


Tray or not: Not
Material: Iron
With the function of boiling water: Yes.
Surface technics: Antique finish
Tea Ceremony Accessories: Yes
Origin: Zhejiang
Specification: 900ML
The grade of product quality: First-class.

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Instructions for iron kettle:

  • When using the iron pot for the first time, put the tea bags in the iron pot and cook for about 60 minutes. You can also remove the odor from the lemon slices. The tannins and iron in the tea are dissolved in the iron pot, and a layer of tannin iron film is formed on the surface of the iron pot, making the iron pot not easy to rust. After boiling, pour out the water in the pot and repeat 2-3 times until the water becomes transparent. It is recommended to use an iron kettle frequently to quickly form a protective film of scale. Try not to use a cloth or brush to clean the inside, do not use detergent or wipe too hard, so as not to damage the protective layer.
  • The iron pan is suitable for charcoal fire, electric stove or ceramic electric stove and induction cooker. Please do not use the microwave to heat.
  • Do not pour more than 80% full of water to avoid overflow after boiling. After using the iron pan for 5 days, red spots will appear inside, and white scale will appear in about 10 days. Both conditions are normal. When this happens, wipe gently with a sponge or soft towel.
  • After each use, use a low heat to evaporate the water in the pot to keep the body dry. Don’t boil it dry. Please do not cover the lid until the iron kettle is completely cooled, otherwise the steam in the kettle will make the inner wall of the iron kettle rust.
  • In order to keep the surface of the iron kettle bright, when the iron kettle still has residual heat, gently wipe it with a small amount of leaf tea, and the luster of the iron will slowly unfold.


Diameter of the mouth of the pot is about 6.5cm
Diameter of the bottom of the pot is about 7.5cm
About 11cm from the bottom to the lid
Approximately 21cm from the handle to the bottom of the pot

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