Crystal Clear Glass Teapot with Colorful Handle


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Indulge in the art of tea-making with our exquisite Ice Block Glass Teapot with Color Handle.

Unmatched Materials

Crafted from pristine borosilicate glass, this teapot boasts exceptional durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a cherished companion for years to come.

Effortless Tea Ritual

Accompanying the teapot is an integrated infuser that effortlessly filters out tea residue. This innovation elevates the tea’s flavor profile and simplifies cleanup.

Ergonomic Design

The elongated handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, insulating hands from heat while making pouring effortless. Its vibrant color handle adds a touch of sophistication to your tea ritual.

Aesthetic Marvel

The uniquely shaped lid resembles an elegant leaf, complementing the glass teapot’s sleek aesthetic. Each teapot is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and beauty in every piece.

Optimal Brewing Environment

The glass construction offers a clear view of your tea leaves as they dance gracefully. This transparency enhances the experience of watching your perfect brew come to life.

Assured Health

Our teapot is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, guaranteeing a healthy and worry-free tea-making experience. As a testament to its versatility, it can be placed on a teapot warmer to prolong your tea’s warmth.


  • Style A: Length: 18.5 cm (7.28 inches); Height: 12 cm (4.72 inches); Volume: 500 ml (16.91 oz)
  • Style D: Length: 14.5 cm (5.71 inches); Height: 12 cm (4.72 inches); Volume: 500 ml (16.91 oz)


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