Handmade Purple Clay Teapot with Dark Red Enamel Finish


Material: Dark-red enameled porcelain
With the function of boiling water: No

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The overall height of teapot: 13.8cm
The height: 5.5cm

The Yixing Clay Teapot is a unique and special piece of tea ware that is crafted from a distinctive type of clay found in the Yixing region of China. This clay is known for its natural properties that make it an ideal material for teapots.

One of the key characteristics of the Yixing Clay Teapot is its unique adsorption properties. The good ventilation of the teapot allows it to absorb the aroma of the tea, creating a distinct and subtle aroma over time. This also means that the teapot should only be used for one type of tea to avoid flavor mixing and to preserve the teapot’s unique aroma.

Another remarkable quality of Yixing Clay Teapot is that it becomes better with use. The more you use it, the more shiny, smooth, beautiful and mild it becomes. The set body will be more and more nourished and spiritual after frequent cleaning.

Finally, the Yixing Clay Teapot is known for its ability to resist hot and cold temperatures. The sandy clay material transfers heat slowly, making the teapot stable in both hot and cold temperatures. Even if the teapot is placed directly on a stove, it will not split or crack.

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