Douqing Studio Teapot, Clay-kneading Green Shipiao Teapot 300ml


Clay type:Lu ni clay
Measures:12.5×9.2x5cm (4.9×3.6×2)

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Discover the Douqing Shipiao Clay Kneading Teapot: A Masterpiece of Artisanry

Elevate your tea experience with the handcrafted Douqing Shipiao Clay Kneading Teapot, a testament to the ancient art of clay kneading. This unique teapot showcases exquisite craftsmanship, featuring intricate patterns meticulously kneaded and pressed onto the handle, spout, and lid knob.

Clay Kneading: A Timeless Tradition

  • Clay kneading is an ancient technique that combines two or more types of clay, creating natural and organic patterns.
  • Originating in China during the Tang Dynasty, this technique has been passed down through generations of skilled potters.
  • Clay kneading requires skill and patience, as the artist controls the proportion, direction, and pressure of the clay to achieve the desired effect.

Douqing Ni Clay: Unparalleled Flavor Enhancement

  • Douqing Ni (Bean Green Clay) is a rare and exceptional type of clay, blended from a variety of original ore clays.
  • After firing, Douqing Ni clay exhibits a light green hue with a hint of gray.
  • Teapots crafted from Douqing clay optimize the flavor of tea, particularly oolong teas such as Tieguanyin.

Pan Ye: A Master Ceramic Artist

  • Born in 1982 in Yixing, the heart of Zisha pottery, Pan Ye is a young and talented ceramic artist.
  • Apprenticed under renowned Yixing masters, Pan Ye has developed a distinct style characterized by smooth lines, elegant shapes, and harmonious layouts.
  • Pan Ye believes that teapots should be aesthetically pleasing without compromising functionality. He meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable pouring experience.

Indulge in the rich history and artistry of Yixing teapots with the Douqing Shipiao Clay Kneading Teapot. Its exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional clay composition make it a cherished heirloom, enhancing your tea moments with a touch of elegance and tradition.


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