Dragon Yixing Teapot – 300 ml Dark Green Clay (Mo Lu Ni) Zisha Teapot


Clay type:Lu ni clay
Content:300 ml
Measures:8.7×15.2 cm (3.4×6 in)

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A Brilliant Handmade Yixing Teapot

Created by skilled female artist Wu Rong Hua, this premium teapot embodies the richness and tradition of Yixing craftsmanship. The exquisite artistry and elegant design make it a stunning and functional addition to any tea enthusiast’s collection.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Carefully crafted using rare Mo Lu Ni clay, skillfully aged for three decades, this teapot showcases exceptional quality and durability. The distinctive dark green hue imparts an air of sophistication and rarity.

Artist’s Inspiration

Wu Rong Hua’s journey as a Yixing artist began in the 1990s, nurtured by experienced mentors in a factory setting. Her natural talent and dedication quickly propelled her to prominence as a certified Yixing artist. Today, her teapots are highly sought after by collectors, prized for their unique designs and exceptional artistry.

Meaningful Symbolism

The large inscriptions on the teapot, translated as “Drinking in Harmony,” draw inspiration from the writings of Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhi. These characters, rendered in the elegant Zhuan Shu calligraphy style and coupled with the carvings inspired by Chinese Tang dynasty poet Wang Wei, carry historical and cultural significance, enhancing the aesthetic and symbolic depth of this teapot.

A Poetic Depiction of Serenity

The teapot is adorned with exquisite carvings, meticulously executed in a testament to the artist’s skill. These carvings, captured from a section of Wang Wei’s poem “Autumn Evening in My Mountain Abode,” invoke vivid imagery of nature’s beauty and serenity:

  • Empty hills after the rain
  • Dusk, revealing the touch of autumn
  • Moonlight shimmering through pine trees
  • Clear springs tumbling over rocks

These captivating verses, read vertically from left to right, encapsulate the tranquil ambiance of a serene autumn evening, inviting contemplation and relaxation while enjoying your favorite tea.


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