Borosilicate Glass Tea Pot with Increased Thickness for Durability


Material: Pyrex(heat-proof) glass
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: heat-proof glass
Tea Ceremony Accessories: None
Origin: Hejian
Style: new Chinese style

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The hawk-shaped spout has been carefully designed to concentrate the flow of water without spilling it around.

High borosilicate glass liner, CNC precision cutting, high borosilicate glass liner, non-toxic and odorless

High borosilicate glass lid, still adhere to the best glass material, is sparkling and crystal-clear.

Thickened cup body, thickened high borosilicate, solidity and explosion-proof, good quality can be seen.

ChineseTea4U’s Glass Teapot is constructed of thickened high borosilicate glass with an integrated filter to make brewing aromatic tea easy and flavorful. Featuring an affordable small size that easily fits onto any kitchen counter and keeping both tea leaves and water separate for fresh and flavorful beverages, here are some key features that set this Teapot apart:

Easy to Clean: This teapot makes cleaning quick and effortless, with no hard-to-reach areas for residue or dirt particles to accumulate.

Durable Construction: Crafted with thickened borosilicate glass for strength and longevity, this teapot will last you for many years of enjoyment.

Elegant Design: Boasting a minimalist style, this teapot makes an eye-catching statement on any kitchen counter or table decoration.

Safe For Use: Constructed of premium grade glass material, this teapot ensures safe use with both boiling hot water or chilled beverages and prevents any toxic substances from leaching into your beverages.

Heat Resistant: Thanks to its heat resistant capabilities, you can keep drinks at their desired temperatures without fear of overheating.

Conclusion: ChineseTea4U’s glass teapot is perfect for creating fragrant tea thanks to its built-in filter design and heat resistant properties, making it easy and convenient to prepare delicious beverages while saving space in storage or handling during preparation. Furthermore, its unique separation design keeps leaves out of your drink for optimal flavor!

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Large size of pressure-spout pot, Small size of pressure-spout pot


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