Everest Mountain and Grand Canyon Travel Tea Set


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## Mountain and River Travel Tea Set: Unveil the Essence of Tea Rituals in Motion

Embark on a sensory journey with the Mountain and River Travel Tea Set, a meticulously crafted companion for tea enthusiasts on an eternal quest for serenity. This compact yet versatile masterpiece seamlessly combines functionality and artistry to elevate your tea-making experience.

**Compact Serenity in a Portable Realm**

Experience the convenience of a complete tea-making apparatus, meticulously designed for your nomadic lifestyle. The teacup, strainer, cup saucer, wooden base, and protective bag nestle effortlessly together, reducing volume for easy packing in suitcases or backpacks.

**Unveiling the Taste without Compromise**

Indulge in the purest tea flavor with the integrated tea strainer. Prevent tea leaves from clouding the serenity of your brew while retaining the flexibility to select the ideal steeping time and concentration.

**A Canvas of Colors Inspired by Nature’s Tapestry**

Draw inspiration from the breathtaking “A Map of a Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains,” a Chinese masterpiece renowned for its enchanting color palette and skillful brushwork. The tea set echoes the painting’s balanced composition, echoing the mountainous landscapes and flowing waterways it depicts.

**A Companion for Wanderlust and Tranquility**

Let the Mountain and River Travel Tea Set accompany you on your global adventures. Sip on exquisite tea while embracing diverse landscapes and unique tea-drinking experiences.


* Contents: 1 Tea Cup, 1 Tea Strainer, 1 Coaster, 1 Travel Bag
* Capacity: 320 ml (8.54 oz)
* Dimensions: Length 8 cm (5.03 inches), Height 13.3 cm (5.51 inches)


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