Kung Fu Ceramic Teapot with Side Handle – Wholesale Tea Maker for Grease-free Brewing


Material: Ceramics
Classification of Ceramics: White Porcelain
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: color glaze
Origin: Dehua
Color: Grease white
Product Quality Grade: First Class

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About grease white

White glaze belongs to color glaze, and the inheritance of color glaze is still the same. Five kilns in Song Dynasty are representative of color glaze. White glaze belongs to Matt glaze. Compared with bright glaze, white glaze is much more introverted. The temperament is too mild and too much, and the grease white series is the purest white ware. The glaze color is introverted and excessively delicate and steady. White glaze is actually a kind of glaze white which is difficult to reconcile and floats on the surface but is stable in the interior. White jade.


Teapot is a kind of vessel with mouth for making and drinking tea. It is a kind of tea set. It is mainly used for making tea. The teapot consists of four parts: the lid, the body, the bottom and the ring foot.

Round spout

The design of the pot spout appropriately moves towards the nature, which makes the tea soup flow smoothly and the water cut off neatly.

Built in filtering

The pot mouth has filtering function and the built-in filter round hole which can effectively separate the tea soup. And it can meet the tea drinking conveniently and quickly.


The design of flat and smooth bottom and unique outer ring, reduces friction between the desktop and the tea table, and place smoothly.


Carrying boiling tea soup. Sometimes, in order to give better play to the nature of tea, it is necessary to heat the pot when the soup is being poured. Boiling water flows into the interior through the dish surface, and the accumulated water is not exposed, but also shows neat.

Width: 13.5cm
Height: 6cm

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Weight 0.8 kg


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