Five Elements Japanese Travel Tea Set


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## Five Elements Travel Tea Set: Embark on a Tea Journey Rooted in Nature

The Five Elements Japanese Tea Set is imbued with the ancient Chinese philosophy, embodying the elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

**Metal (Yuanbao): Symbol of Prosperity**
– Wealth and material abundance
– Designed with an intricate “yuanbao” (ancient Chinese currency) motif at the base

**Wood (Wooden Texture): Embodiment of Life**
– Courage and strength to face challenges
– Textured wooden pattern adorned on the bottom

**Water (Waving and Rock Texture): Tranquility of Mind**
– Balanced thought and clarity
– Fluid waves and serene rock formations etched into the base

**Fire (Volcano Texture): Power and Strength**
– Inner resilience and determination
– Embossed volcano texture symbolizes the raw power within

**Earth (Mountain Texture): Stability and Groundedness**
– Peace and harmony
– Mountainous ridges and valleys reflect life’s steady foundation

**Teapot: Clarity and Precision**
– Excellent filter for a pure tea experience
– Smooth spout and ergonomically designed handle

**Teacups: Refined Simplicity**
– Enhance the tea ritual with their delicate proportions

**Tea Caddy: Convenient Storage**
– Durable and spacious for holding tea leaves

**Tea Tray: Practical and Elegant**
– Provides a stable and aesthetically pleasing platform

Japanese tea ceremony, deeply rooted in daily life, is a cherished cultural art. This Japanese Tea Set captures its essence, offering a beautiful and authentic tea-drinking experience. Made of high-quality pottery clay, it comes in a smart presentation box, making it an exceptional gift.

– 1 Teapot
– 2 Tea Cups
– 1 Tea Caddy
– 1 Tea Tray
– 1 Gift Box with Bag


– Tea Caddy: 10.5 cm (length), 8 cm (height)
– Tea Cup: 9 cm (length), 4 cm (height)
– Teapot: 14 cm (length), 16.5 cm (height)
– Tea Tray: 36.5 cm (length), 12.5 cm (width), 4 cm (height)


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