Super Level Old White Peony Cake – Fu Ding White Tea


Storage method: ventilated, cool, dry, moisture-proof
Shelf life: 5400 days
Food additives: none
Series: White Tea
Packaging: Packaging
Packaging type: gift box
Category of Tea-packing: White Peony
Growth Season: Spring
Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Fujian Province

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Tea Garden

Growing in the rich rocks of Mount Tai Mu, its minerals are nutrients, which make the taste of tea more distinct. Fu Ding White and Da Hao are recognized as good tea varieties. Tea Garden is located at 650 elevation in Juzhou. Clouds and mists all the year round, the soil is rich, the temperature is high, humidity is stable, and the superior ecological environment makes the tea plant grow slowly. Therefore, the buds are plump and full, the amino acid content in tea is high, and the tea soup is given more delicate. At the moment of the entrance of the tea soup, it is obvious that every cell in the mouth begins to secrete sweet body fluid. The sweetness of the soot brings a refreshing taste.

bai mu dan

Professional tea cellar preservation, perennial temperature is kept below 20 degrees, humidity is controlled below 50%. In this environment, natural transformation and aging can be long-term preservation and more drinking value.

Tea characteristics

The process parameters are strictly controlled during the production of white tea. Experienced tea makers will adjust and control the process parameters in real time according to the raw materials of fresh leaves, weather conditions and the withering situation of tea leaves, in order to comply with the weather and the nature of tea, and only seek the true taste of tea.

With strict and standardized picking standards, the whole process is manual picking, adhering to the ancient method of tea.

Attractive soup color, from orange yellow to deep orange, is rich in taste, spicy, and has jujube fragrance. With fragrance blending, even slightly lotus leaf fragrance, this is the benefits of combination of Fu Ding white tea, rich and complete.

The fresh and tender grass fragrance is even more obvious when it is brewed with water. It is surrounded by fragrant flowers and the fragrance stays so long that it is like being in the grassland. The fresh wind blows the flowers and plants. In the meadow, the girl on the grassland seems to be smiling at you with some fresh and sweet feelings in it.

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